follow your dreams

to dream your dream, and follow it through
to dream your dream, and make it come true.
to set that goal in your life
and have it become your guiding light.

to push yourself against all odds
and take the first steps, is the start.
take the first of a million steps
until your dream you have met.

no one knows your dreams better than you
do whatever you’ve got to do.
but do not hurt anyone along the way
for later on you will pay.

using friends, family, people, -we all do.
how far you go depends on you.
with your dream, other people gain
and because of it, their lives will change.

it takes billions of grains of sand to make a beach
that is the goal that we must reach.
each and every one of our lives, will touch another.
that is why we are sister and brother.
everything in life-‘ no matter what it may be’.
has its consequences, that affects you and me.

now on this weekend i heard the news
two ICONS have passed away (michael jackson & farrah fawcett)
but in our hearts they will stay.
they reached their dreams in their hearts,
and we became a very big part.

so with this in mind i must say
follow your dreams, it’s the only way.

louis rams :


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