my poet time travelers

I thought of it all day and well into the night  That for you a poem I would write. What words can you use to describe a person You’ve never seen. Then a realization came into my mind I’ve been writing them for a very long time.
Every time we write about GOD and his begotten son The words flow freely and never left undone. So it matters not if it is sight unseen We write about everything- it’s a poets dream.
Poets go into worlds never traveled before Seeking all that GOD has made And come back with knowledge that they’ve gained. Into the realms of mystery, love, excitement and fear So that with you these words they could share.
They see the realities of today The dreams of yesterdays The future of tomorrows And the pains and sorrows.
They are the time travelers of the mind Their eyes are open – they are not blind. So when you read what they write It’s because of this time travelers insight.
So to my time traveling co-poets, this I must say I am proud to have traveled this road with you Into the minds of man, and writing The stories that they all understand.

louis rams :

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