womens strengths

Men and women are different in so many ways Men sit in front of the t. v. ‘s to watch their games Women will watch their soap operas if time permits That’s how they get their kicks.
It seems to me that this is their dreams Men look to games for the power they seek While women look for hearts that are tender and meek.
Men want the powers of fortune and fame While women use their charms  for whatever they can gain. It seems that we use each other for Our own selfish reasons But the women love to use their charms for the teasing.
Men may tend to use their physical strength To put the women down But women know how to use the strength To turn it all around.
The LORD said: “the meek shall inherit the earth” Is it the women who give us birth?  Are they really the meek of which he speaks!  Hmmmm I wonder! 
I don’t mean to put us men down But I think they’re the ones that wear the crown We are the jokers in the kings court      (have you ever seen a female joker in the kings court?)  While they sat on their asses- enjoying what their mothers taught.
Now I must say this in the defense of men We get what we want (and deserve)  in the end. So I leave these thoughts for the men and women to decide Who is the meek? Which one will cry?

louis rams :

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