out of the fires of hell

To my co poets – this is in response to “I lay down my pen”           
            Out of the fires of hell                               (7/14/12) 

I have pulled myself up out of the fires of hell Where pain, sorrow, depression, lost faith do dwell. I recall as I closed my eyes all I could see Was the devil staring back at me.
His eyes were bloodshot red – cause on my fears he had fed. The hideous laugh bouncing around in my head I thought for sure that I was dead.
They pulled me down when I was weak And with their strength I could not compete. All four of them were working to keep me down When I saw HIS LIGHT, HIS EYES, HIS CROWN It was the LORD beckoning me to him And seeing this – I knew I’d win.
His hand came down and I grabbed it and held on tight Closed my eyes and prayed with all my might. I rose out of those flames completely intact And I knew there would be no turning back.
The devil like the lion would wait for its prey And thought with certainties he would get his way But my LORD had something to say.
You had caught me at a time of weakness and despair And thought that my life with you I’d share But my inner spirit saw the guiding light And I fought with all my might.
The LORD had heard my plea, and responded And I rose out of the fires with a smile on my face

louis rams

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