all alone


I sit at home with nothing to do, I ‘m all alone and feeling blue

Where did the time go?  That it went so fast!

I was looking at the future and now it’s my past.

I chose to ignore love because I felt I had time.

Why oh why? Was I so blind!

Now I’m all alone with my heart in my hand

With no one beside me who could understand.

No one really wants to be on their own

And in their face it is shown!

I look ahead to what the future may bring

But all I see is pain and misery.

No one to share the comfort of my bed

This is something that I now dread.

No one to converse with, or to share a meal

No one can see what I feel.

I’m getting older and the walls are closing in

Living this life is a downright sin.

I prop the pillow under my head

And wonder if in the morning they’ll find me dead?

I’m in no position to criticize or throw stones

When I’m in this house all alone.

It gets harder as I get older

 telling some woman I want to hold her!

Now I have to search for someone who will care

And with me their life they’ll share.

So don’t do what I had done

Being alone isn’t any fun

© L . RAMS


sometimes love hurts

Some time love hurts to a point you want to cry You feel as if everything in you has begun to die You try to fill it, but it’s like shoveling sand against the tide.
I recall when I first saw you standing under the street light My mind started jumping and my heart took flight. I walked over to you and asked you your name I didn’t feel guilty and felt no shame.
Life is like a traffic light – it’s a stop and go First you move fast – then you move slow. You had came to me with tears in your eyes Because your loved one had said good-bye.
You never knew the feelings I had inside It was something that I always tried to hide. I see the pain etched in your face There’s no shame in crying, there’s no disgrace. But loving someone who doesn’t love you That is something that I knew.
You are the sun that rises in my soul Being with you all of life unfolds You are the water that quenches my thirst You fill up my body to a point of burst.
Sometimes love hurts, and you feel as if your world is caving in Just open up your mind and let me in. I will show you what love is really about Of that my love there is no doubt. You see life is no good when you’re alone And every love you ever had, you had blown So let him learn the aches and pains that you have gone thru this is all that you can do. Sometimes love hurts, but it doesn’t have to Because I am right here next to you.

louis rams

the deceiver



She sat in the bedroom window with tears in her eyes

How could she have believed all his lies?

He told her he loved her, he told her he cared

And her life he wanted to share.

He held her, and kissed her as her passions grew

At exactly the right moment he knew what to do.

As his hands traveled up and down her spine

He said not to worry – everything would be fine

She knew what he wanted, but she could not resist

As he pulled her close in a passionate kiss.

All her walls were tumbling down

As she went with him without a sound.

Slowly he led her where he wanted her to be

The rest became a mystery.

Now the consequences she must bare

For a child is growing there

And her life he refuses to share.


Now she cautions all too please resist

His deceit and passionate kiss.

must laugh at getting old



The sun is out and the wind is blowing my way

I’m here in the park with my grandson today

There are some kids with which he found to play

But it was for a short time, for their mothers took them away.

So with him I played a game or two of tag, football and

“Steal the old man’s bacon” – he would run and I would just fake it.

We walked over to the exercise course, but those were built

For a strong young horse.

Not even one push up or pull up could I do, I felt so ashamed

And didn’t know what to do.

I thought I was one active young 69 – “man oh man”

I sure am blind! ( ha- ha)

I do look young for my age and I feel like a very young man!

But who am I fooling? It’s just my scam.

I can still walk o.k. and jog a little

If you give me some of your cats “tender vittles” (ha-ha)

All of us will look back at our younger years and try to hide our inner fears

Of when you can no longer do it like you did before

Because time has closed that door.

Now the clouds are starting to roll in, and I’ll leave this park with a grin.

And think of how a grandfather played with his grandson

And I wasn’t the only one.

There are others sitting on the benches watching their

Grandchildren play.

When you get old!  This becomes the way!

© L . RAMS