all alone


I sit at home with nothing to do, I ‘m all alone and feeling blue

Where did the time go?  That it went so fast!

I was looking at the future and now it’s my past.

I chose to ignore love because I felt I had time.

Why oh why? Was I so blind!

Now I’m all alone with my heart in my hand

With no one beside me who could understand.

No one really wants to be on their own

And in their face it is shown!

I look ahead to what the future may bring

But all I see is pain and misery.

No one to share the comfort of my bed

This is something that I now dread.

No one to converse with, or to share a meal

No one can see what I feel.

I’m getting older and the walls are closing in

Living this life is a downright sin.

I prop the pillow under my head

And wonder if in the morning they’ll find me dead?

I’m in no position to criticize or throw stones

When I’m in this house all alone.

It gets harder as I get older

 telling some woman I want to hold her!

Now I have to search for someone who will care

And with me their life they’ll share.

So don’t do what I had done

Being alone isn’t any fun

© L . RAMS


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