listen men NO means NO

“NO “means “NO”- is what she said As he tried to pull her to the bed. He thought that he had the right After taking her to dinner that night.
Why is it that when a man spends money He thinks that he’s entitled to a little honey. Would you accept it if it was your sister or mother That this was happening to! 
Or someone was trying to do this to you if you was in jail And all you’re screaming and fighting Happened to fail. And if you were taken by force- and you had no other recourse. Your dignity, your pride, your self esteem All taken away like in a dream.
You have been violated mind and soul With no one to turn to, not leaving you whole. When the word “NO” is used and it’s done anyway Then there’s a price that you must pay. One is a victim, the other a raper As it will come out in the court papers.
Is that short pleasure worth the time?  20 or more years behind the line. So heed that word “NO” and heed it well Living behind bars is really hell.


don’t text and drive

She lost her life while texting that day And never got to finish what she had to say “I will meet “were the last words she said As everyone wondered “what went thru her head “.
Was the message more important than her life?  She was an only child, a mother, a wife. Because of a “text” family and friends mourn her today. She should have waited to tell them what she had to say.
Before “texting and driving “you should think twice!  Why take the chance of losing your life!

louis rams :

we the soldiers

my heart is heavy today for all the soldiers who have passed away. family members still cry out to you, for all that you did and all that you still do. you still do it because you give us the” strength and will” to continue your fight even if it’s just putting your stories into black and white. the red , white , and blue is not just the colors of our flag … it is part of our being – the red is the blood that we share , the white is our souls pure and white ( and that’s the reason we don’t give up the fight) the blue is for all blue blooded Americans who have stood up when our nation called and that is why we are the greatest nation of all. the blood of Americans lie on many a land, and to our flag we salute and stand. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS AND YOU ‘LL BE THERE TILL THE ENDS OF TIME

into black and white



I often wonder if our voices are actually heard.

If people read our every word!

Or is it like life where you skim through it to get to the end

Never realizing that you might lose a friend.

We don’t stop to see and admire the picture as a whole

And “ that beauty” will never unfold.

You know ! I also wonder !

That GOD could have made this world, humanity                

And the entire universe in a split second, yet he chose         

To do it in six days

To enjoy all the beauties that he created.

Then why do we rush in our lives?

When he has given us time to enjoy his creations

Without all the devastations.

If we work eight hours, sleep eight hours

Then the other eight hours are for us to set our goals

And pursue our dreams and take care of our to do lists

And to smell the flowers – ‘HE has given us enough hours!”

         “THAT BEING SAID” let’s move ahead!

The words you put down in black and white

Are your joys and your struggles in this life?

It is a path to your heart and soul, and a story that must be told.

Your hidden thoughts and dreams can now be seen

Your wants, your needs, your hopes, your dreams, your desires

All of this created that burning fire.

If every living creature can communicate with each other


Then why can’t we?  My sisters and brothers!


(C) L . RAMS

she held my hand


It is a lucky man who gets to hold her hand
As she takes you far beyond the Promised Land
She will take you on a trip that you’ve never been before
As she opens up every door.

She will take you through the doors of dreams
The doors of hope, and teach you how to cope.
She will let you peak in doors of anger, doors of fear
But will not allow you to get too near.

She will hold your hand tightly as she shows you the door
Of poverty, hunger, hate, so you can see before it’s too late.
As these doors look alike, this will leave you lost and confused
And in your lifetime, these same doors you will choose.

Although there are two doors which are different from all the rest
These two doors you will test.
One is decorated with hearts, rainbows, and butterflies
In this door true love lies.

This is the door where you may meet your soul mate
If you do not hesitate.
For love can come in a flash or slowly enter your soul
Leaving you happy, leaving you whole.
Erase all doubts – for love is there
If you open your heart and are willing to share.

The last door that you will see is a double door adorned with silver and gold
And the sounds of the most beautiful music of every instrument known to man
And beyond these doors “THERE HE STANDS”
Surrounded by angels with their pure white wings
Showing you the most precious gift anyone could bring.

His love so infinite, so pure, so white, which fills you
With the ultimate delight.
It is all the riches of the earth all rolled into one
For he is “GODS SON”.
He has been known by different names
But through Christianity the name “JESUS” reigns.

His love like the rains that come from the skies
Like the sun that blinds your eyes, and like the stars
That fills the universe, and the moon that brightens up the darkest night
All his love is in plain sight.

Now as I look down at her holding my hand, now is when I fully understand
He is with us from beginning to end – he is my GOD, my FATHER, and my FRIEND.
He is my strength when I am weak; he is the power that we seek.

And making me understand!
She is like any mother protecting her child
She is the mother of “JESUS” who has been with us for quite a while.

Thank you “ MOTHER MARY”.