into black and white



I often wonder if our voices are actually heard.

If people read our every word!

Or is it like life where you skim through it to get to the end

Never realizing that you might lose a friend.

We don’t stop to see and admire the picture as a whole

And “ that beauty” will never unfold.

You know ! I also wonder !

That GOD could have made this world, humanity                

And the entire universe in a split second, yet he chose         

To do it in six days

To enjoy all the beauties that he created.

Then why do we rush in our lives?

When he has given us time to enjoy his creations

Without all the devastations.

If we work eight hours, sleep eight hours

Then the other eight hours are for us to set our goals

And pursue our dreams and take care of our to do lists

And to smell the flowers – ‘HE has given us enough hours!”

         “THAT BEING SAID” let’s move ahead!

The words you put down in black and white

Are your joys and your struggles in this life?

It is a path to your heart and soul, and a story that must be told.

Your hidden thoughts and dreams can now be seen

Your wants, your needs, your hopes, your dreams, your desires

All of this created that burning fire.

If every living creature can communicate with each other


Then why can’t we?  My sisters and brothers!


(C) L . RAMS


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