we the soldiers

my heart is heavy today for all the soldiers who have passed away. family members still cry out to you, for all that you did and all that you still do. you still do it because you give us the” strength and will” to continue your fight even if it’s just putting your stories into black and white. the red , white , and blue is not just the colors of our flag … it is part of our being – the red is the blood that we share , the white is our souls pure and white ( and that’s the reason we don’t give up the fight) the blue is for all blue blooded Americans who have stood up when our nation called and that is why we are the greatest nation of all. the blood of Americans lie on many a land, and to our flag we salute and stand. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS AND YOU ‘LL BE THERE TILL THE ENDS OF TIME

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