listen men NO means NO

“NO “means “NO”- is what she said As he tried to pull her to the bed. He thought that he had the right After taking her to dinner that night.
Why is it that when a man spends money He thinks that he’s entitled to a little honey. Would you accept it if it was your sister or mother That this was happening to! 
Or someone was trying to do this to you if you was in jail And all you’re screaming and fighting Happened to fail. And if you were taken by force- and you had no other recourse. Your dignity, your pride, your self esteem All taken away like in a dream.
You have been violated mind and soul With no one to turn to, not leaving you whole. When the word “NO” is used and it’s done anyway Then there’s a price that you must pay. One is a victim, the other a raper As it will come out in the court papers.
Is that short pleasure worth the time?  20 or more years behind the line. So heed that word “NO” and heed it well Living behind bars is really hell.


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