two sinner hearts


I saw this sister with her hands folded in prayer

With tears rolling down her face, not knowing I was there.

I heard her words so softly spoken saying:

“Dear GOD “I give you my heart and soul

So that you can make this sinner once again whole.

Like a sheep I have strayed and lost my way

And with you is where I want to stay!

I must join your flock once again

So that I can be with family and friends.

The world out there is bitter and cold and wolves all around

Waiting for me to let my guard down.

They say a sinner’s life could be joyous and fun

But I was never told- my life would be undone.

Lead I back LORD I pray- from your side I will not stray.

While listening to her I recalled why I came

Cause in my heart I was feeling the same.

I sat down beside her and she knew right away

She reached for my hand and we began to pray.

There was a feeling of relief that filled the air

And our lives with GOD we knew we’d share.

It was two sinner hearts that had gone astray

And through prayer we found our way.


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