hopelessness overcome

I felt the hopelessness in my heart
Everything I tried was falling apart
All my dreams and aspirations were lying on the ground
Not one glimmer of hope was to be found.
I felt the weight of it dragging me down
I tried to scream but made no sound
I felt at the point of no return
All the bridges I had burned
How do we get to this point in life?
When we no longer have the will to fight.
I think there is something in the air
Creating this hopelessness and despair.
I know this is something that many goo thru
And fighting this feeling I had to do.
So I went outside and looked to the sky
And watched the clouds just floating by
If the clouds can move so quickly and make the grey skies blue
Then it’s something that I must do.
So I took a deep breath – and lo and behold to my surprise
Everything disappeared before my eyes.
Then I realized that sometimes the environment that we are in
Can create a feeling where you just can’t win.
So just change the location of where it began
Then that hopeless feeling you’ll understand.


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