mother s love

       I am but a mere child clinging to my mother s breast

Sucking out the love she has inside, as it makes me

Dizzy as if I am high.

The warmth and nourishment that it gives

Gets me stronger – with the strength to live.

Mother! Your love can’t be denied, it is something you cannot hide.

And you may not be around to see me grow

But in your heart you will know.

Whether it be distance or death that keeps us apart

You will always have me in your heart.

You nurtured and tutored me to know right from wrong

And showed me how to become unselfish and strong.

You showed me how a mother s gentle heart can be

And from indignations and chains you set me free.

We was born free – no leg irons or shackles to be found

Even the umbilical cord was thrown to the ground.

We as children are born free as eagles up in the sky

We could soar and we could climb.

All of this has been given to me, because you and GOD set me free.

GOD gave us a brain for us to use, and a heart with which to choose.

But the most important thing he gave to me

Was a mother “who loved me “.


© L . RAMS 12414                                                 


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