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band of angels


i saw a band of angels coming down from the sky
a band of angels to save you and i.

they covered the sky as far as the eyes could see
the sight so beautiful
that it hypnotized me.

they were like the angels that they talk about in books
wings so wide and white
showing all their strength and might.

the angels came to do battle for all mankind
and they did not come with swords.or weapons of any kind

they came with the words of peace and love
sent down from GOD above.
for they know that the devil comes
with lies and deceit,
in hopes that your faith, they will defeat.

they will offer us riches of diamonds and pearls
and even offer us, control of the world.
they know that mankind is full of greed
since the beginning of time
it has been seen.

the band of angels know that this
battle will be won
for they will fight from dawn to setting sun.
they know that the human mind is full of greed
but the love in their hearts, can not be seen.

now the confrontation is finally here
and the battle is about to begin.
which is stronger
love or sin?

this is when you must search your heart
and decide what you want to do.
are you going to let the devil
make a fool out of you?

we must join this band of angels
who fight for our rights.

so darkness will not
win this perilous plight.

louis rams



               They stand in their uniforms straight and tall,

They are family members one and all.

They put on the uniforms, not for money, fame, or glory

But for the untold story.

The story of wanting to be free to raise their families.

A story of love, emotion, and religious devotion.

They are willing to take the stand, and become the sacrificial lamb.

They are the AMERICAN soldiers who believe in liberty

To be able to express yourself no matter what it may be.

They come from the farmlands, the mountains, the big cities

And the small towns, where every soldier imaginable can be found.

Just read the story of Sergeant ALVIN YORK who in the

First World War he had fought.

He was a conscientious objector who came from the upper

Farmlands of TENNESSEE – didn’t believe in war but wanted to be free.

They told him about the founding of AMERICA and what they had gone thru

And to make a decision of what he wanted to do.

He sat on the mountaintop staring across the land

Knowing he had to make a decision – he had to take a stand.

With the thought of the bible s verse “thou shall not kill “

And the other thought saying “freedom is not free”

This has been going on throughout history.

He and nine others captured more prisoners than they dared to count

This is what AMERICA is all about.