man s captured heart


My heart was fluttering like a captured bird

My heartbeat was all that was heard.

You left my senses completely blind

As you captured my heart and mind.

How can love be so overwhelming that it leaves

Your knees to shake, and your nearness is all it takes.

Love can make the strongest man weak, and the weakest man strong

Like the words of a song.

It enters your mind and you sing and hum it every day

This is the price for love that you must pay.

For true love all men are yearning, and we will take

This sentimental journey.

We are like the tortoise with a hard shell

And inside is where our heart dwells.

History shows our captured hearts

The love for JULIET, HELEN of troy, CLEOPATRA, and DELILAH

“Are we going to call them liars “?

The love for them was so strong, that in history is where it belongs.

We know that women have all the right tools

So we become fearful of being the fools.

Yet the same way that history does repeat

I lay my heart at your feet.

Do what you will if you must

And in my heart, I will put my trust.


NEW YORKS tar beach

 Living in NEW YORK CITY and going to tar beach

For most NEW YORKERS this was a treat.

Taking your beach chairs, towels, and blankets

And a radio to the roof.

Some would come up with shirts and pants

As the roofers began to dance.


And seeing the treetops in the park.

We did not need to go to concerts downtown

All you had to do was look around.

We would lie on the blankets taking in the sun

Or dancing to the music and having lots of fun.

We would gather as groups and start to harmonize

With every roof joining in – it is easy to visualize.

A crescendo of voices floating in the air

With people looking out their windows

And their voices they would share.

A water hose connected to an apartment below

Where we could cool off and water balloons to throw.

You could take your suburbs, your farms and little towns

But nothing to compare to the NEW YORK CITY sounds.

depression taken away

Money is scarce, trying to make ends meet

Hoping to get back on my feet.

Food in the fridge is very low- do not know which way to go.

I just lost my cell phone, now the creditors are calling at home.

Late notices are in the mail, threatening to take me to jail.

I was starting to lose hope and faith, and none of these

Creditors are willing to wait.

So down to my knees I did fall, and no more excuses left to stall.

With tears in my eyes, I started to pray, asking my LORD

To show me the way.

Dear LORD! I do not know what to do, so I must depend on you.

I know that I had turned away and that I no longer would kneel to pray.

I need you like before, when I was down you opened the doors

I was a churchgoer, a believer in you, you gave me everything

My family too.

Now I am starting to lose it all – and on you, I must call.

Give me back the strength so that I may move ahead

Help me to get rid of this bed.

Depression will steal your will to live, and I have so much to give.

Family and friends are all around. Yet! I do not hear a sound.

They all say I must find the way to fight this sickness day to day.

Then from the corner of my eye, a flicker of light began to shine.

A light becoming like the blazing sun – with   a voice saying

                   HIS “WILL” BE DONE

I saw a form starting to take shape, and an angel then appeared

And started to wipe away my fears.

Depression is a state of mind , and the devil will keep you blind

Just search out the light that lies ahead, and the LORD will clear your head.

This is the message he had given to me, and now my mind is set free.

© L . RAMS

can your blood

It is true that we all bleed “red” and that could never change

For GOD made us all the same.

We may have different blood types

However, that was done so that we could save one another

For we are sisters and brothers.

Can your blood distinguish whether we are white or black?

Or what we will look like at our birth

And what in life will be our worth.

Can your blood show you all emotions?

Or to who _ you will give your devotion.

Can your blood tell if you will be rich or poor?

Or what your heart will hold in store.

The blood is only to give us life

But what GOD put in it- was for our sacrifice.

The blood of “JESUS” – GODS only son

Was given up to save everyone.

He made a sacrifice and so should we

And for him I will gladly bleed.

He may have given us different languages and colors

But the “RED “is the only one

To insure that his “WILL “be done

Have you ever really noticed that most colors

Are whites, blues, greens, grays, and blacks.

But there was a color that we did lack.

“RED”! – It is the color of our “GODS “heart

And to us he gave us this part.

And our hearts is what pumps the color “red”

Until we take our final breath.