can your blood

It is true that we all bleed “red” and that could never change

For GOD made us all the same.

We may have different blood types

However, that was done so that we could save one another

For we are sisters and brothers.

Can your blood distinguish whether we are white or black?

Or what we will look like at our birth

And what in life will be our worth.

Can your blood show you all emotions?

Or to who _ you will give your devotion.

Can your blood tell if you will be rich or poor?

Or what your heart will hold in store.

The blood is only to give us life

But what GOD put in it- was for our sacrifice.

The blood of “JESUS” – GODS only son

Was given up to save everyone.

He made a sacrifice and so should we

And for him I will gladly bleed.

He may have given us different languages and colors

But the “RED “is the only one

To insure that his “WILL “be done

Have you ever really noticed that most colors

Are whites, blues, greens, grays, and blacks.

But there was a color that we did lack.

“RED”! – It is the color of our “GODS “heart

And to us he gave us this part.

And our hearts is what pumps the color “red”

Until we take our final breath.


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