NEW YORKS tar beach

 Living in NEW YORK CITY and going to tar beach

For most NEW YORKERS this was a treat.

Taking your beach chairs, towels, and blankets

And a radio to the roof.

Some would come up with shirts and pants

As the roofers began to dance.


And seeing the treetops in the park.

We did not need to go to concerts downtown

All you had to do was look around.

We would lie on the blankets taking in the sun

Or dancing to the music and having lots of fun.

We would gather as groups and start to harmonize

With every roof joining in – it is easy to visualize.

A crescendo of voices floating in the air

With people looking out their windows

And their voices they would share.

A water hose connected to an apartment below

Where we could cool off and water balloons to throw.

You could take your suburbs, your farms and little towns

But nothing to compare to the NEW YORK CITY sounds.


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