from our father

He was sent to us from our father on high
To spill his blood for you and I.
MARY was chosen as the only one
To carry his begotten son.
Then he revealed to MARY and JOSEPH his intent
That this child would be heaven sent.
GOD’s angels spoke to each one
And told them what would be done.
From the moment that he was conceived
GOD’s steps he would achieve.
He started preaching at a very young age
The synagogues were his stage.
The rabbi s all stood in awe, as his words
Echoed throughout the floor.
A rabbi asked: how can he know as much as us, unless
In him the lord put his trust?
The road was paved as to what steps he would take
And the trials that he would pass, from the first to the last.
His miraculous feats became renowned
As the word spread from town to town.
From the blind to see, the deaf to hear
The mute to talk, and his walking on water
Changing water to wine – all of these were miracles divine.
The biggest miracle is yet to come
When GOD again will send down his son.
Nations will collapse and evil will fall
As the good will conquer all.


my books

I have put two books which I have written for your reading pleasure
and there are many of my poems that you will treasure.
the first is of Christmas poems for every age and gender and after reading the first few, I know your heart you’ll surrender.
the second book is of stories of hope ( and faith ) and how people do cope. from mountain men to dwarfs and how they followed their
GOD given course.

then I decided to write a children s story of orphaned children
and the vow they made to one another to always have each other as their brother.

1)poetic Christmas stories
2) stories of hope and spiritual poems
3) the pact ( children s story )

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tell your heart to speak

tell your heart to speak what it has hidden for so long when to the world it shouts

this is where i belong.

the heart holds so many secrets and pains that we don’t know.

and if we don’t release it , then where will it go ?

this is my heart as it speaks to me:

i see pain and hunger every where that i turn, and the crying and wailing of children who can’t be


i see and read of slavery which still exists,and of women and children who were kidnapped

and who are truly missed.

religion is florishing and it still has a long way to go

because wars and greed put on a better show.

the questions that i ask myself is :  why do we give billions of dollars to other countries around the world and we have families who go without food and clothing right here in the u,s,?

why should we be the police of the world and send our soldiers to die in countries that hate AMERICA ?

this is my heart speaking !   what does yours say ?




the pact

to all who know me from facebook and the other poetry sites and have
bought either my ” poetic Christmas stories ” or my ” stories of hope series and spiritual poems ” books. I have now written a children s book
called ” the pact ” which is a story that you can read to your young children or have them read it , and be taken on a trip with ” the hanging three” boys
check it out ! take the trip with them !
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