tell your heart to speak

tell your heart to speak what it has hidden for so long when to the world it shouts

this is where i belong.

the heart holds so many secrets and pains that we don’t know.

and if we don’t release it , then where will it go ?

this is my heart as it speaks to me:

i see pain and hunger every where that i turn, and the crying and wailing of children who can’t be


i see and read of slavery which still exists,and of women and children who were kidnapped

and who are truly missed.

religion is florishing and it still has a long way to go

because wars and greed put on a better show.

the questions that i ask myself is :  why do we give billions of dollars to other countries around the world and we have families who go without food and clothing right here in the u,s,?

why should we be the police of the world and send our soldiers to die in countries that hate AMERICA ?

this is my heart speaking !   what does yours say ?





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