lifes trials and choices

when a person tries to be nice and kind , then to another it is a sign of weakness, where they can be put down ,belittled , talked down to ,and controlled.
you try to keep the other happy doing things their way to avoid arguments ,
but some times it becomes annoying and unbearable. especially when you are
criticized in every thing you do , and they think that they have all the answers
even when they don’t know anything about what and how something is being done.
( they assume ) the love that may have been there at the beginning is now
contempt and possibly hate by one or both for each other.
which leads to my philosophies- that everything in life is in Twos.
love, hate , rich, poor .sight,sightless, man, woman.
we have two eyes , two nostrils, two hands, two feet, etc. etc.
also in my philosophy is to never trust anyone because
” friends you don’t have any , acquaintance s many ”
throughout history it has always been the closest one to you
who will put the knife in your back. (e.g.)Caesar and Brutus
Sampson and Delilah are examples , and the list goes on and on.
in most every ones eyes every thing in life is of material things
and we work hard to get them , yet we forget the non material things
such as love, trust, faith , hope, belief, self respect, confidence
then you have the people who have” the gift of gab” who can talk
their way out of any situation ,while there are the rest who
are timid and shy and lack all the things listed above , and become
punching bags for others.
we may not understand why there is war, hunger, poverty, abuse, slavery
and so much more , – but we come to accept it because there is nothing
that we can do individually- but as a group you become like an army
with the power of Voice ” not weapons”.
now if we go back to my original philosophy which goes back to “Two”
the two things that I try to stay away from is-“Religion and Politics”
because they both create every thing I said -war, hunger, poverty, abuse.
GOD gave us TWO most beautiful gifts in the universe.
A BRAIN and the power to LOVE . and with that came the power of Choice.
if you see where you live at is of death and destruction then you move
away from there, even if you have to walk or crawl.
if you find you live surrounded by hate, then you move to search
where there is love. ( it’s all choice )
if you are in a relationship and you see that the flame is getting lower
you add more fuel to rekindle the fire, and if by chance the fire goes out
and cannot be relit- then you must look elsewhere.
the fire is just like love, it warms you inside and out and puts
a smile on your face , and opens the brain to so many possibilities.
‘GOD so loved the world that he gave up his only begotten son ”
and JESUS so loved GOD ad the world that he gave up his life’
this is when it comes back to ‘RELIGION” different religions,
different beliefs. ( choice )
now ! getting away from my own philosophies – I will go back
to the beginning of all of this, and say being kind and nice is a part of love.
LOVE and Lovemaking are separate from each other.
anyone or any form of life can and “do” have lovemaking , but not all
of them have or show love.
with animals it is called “instinct” to protect their young, but for us
it is a combination of Love and instinct to protect our young.
a relationship between a man and woman , man and man , woman and woman
can be the most beautiful thing in this world- if there is love, respect, understanding and devotion to one another.
without those ingredients it can become disastrous and hurtful.


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