Christmas story ” believe “

she was awoken with a loud thunderous sound
she jumped up and looked around.
it can’t be santa claus? it just can’t be.
mommy did’nt even have money to buy a tree.

she heard the sound one more time
and upon her roof they did climb.

the little pitter patter of hooves
above her head
made her turn and jump out of bed.

she ran to the window and
looked to the roof
she wanted to tell her mother
she did have the proof.

she saw something red
moving to the chimney
then she knew it had to be.
that santa claus is not only
in our hearts and minds
and will live throughout all time.

all children are supposed
to be asleep.
but through half closed eyes
they would peak.

she then heard the sounds in
the room below.
as she opened the door very slow.
to her surprise there was a tree
decorated ‘oh so beautifully’.

and there under the tree
there was gifts galore
who would think – that they were poor.

as she started to look around
at the fireplace he was found.
he was having the milk and cookies
that were left that night.
‘ oh my gosh what a beautiful sight’.

he then put his finger to his nose
and just like the book
up the chimney he rose.

she went back to her room, and climbed
back into her bed, said her prayers
and laid down her head.
she awoke the next morning
thinking it was a dream.
when she heard her mother scream.

how is this possible? how can it be?
‘all these presents, and with a tree.’
as she ran to her mothers side
the tears started to fill her eyes.

i don’t know who did this? i have no clue
and i don’t know what i should do.
she then told her what she heard
and saw the night before
when she opened up her bedroom door.

as we opened up the first package
from under the tree
we saw a metal frame with one word.
now we put this question to you.
do you believe? is this story true?

louis rams


Christmas child

Christmas Child


It was Christmas eve and last minute
Shoppers were running frantically
As I walked out my front door
What to my astonishment and surprise
A little boy sitting with a puppy in his lap
Looking up to the sky.

I asked: are you o.k.? he replied: no! not really!
Every year I find a spot to sit Down and look around
Of how free will can be put to the ground.

Why does man thrive on pain, suffering and war
When they have another door!
A door of peace, happiness and love
Sent to them from my father above.

I know since my birth it has gotten better
And people are finding their faiths once again
And love is filling many hearts and souls
But true happiness and peace should be their goal.

I see so many children abandoned and left in
the streets with out food or drink.
In the middle east and Asia- little girls lives
Are being taken and destroyed
Over the birth of a little boy.

Without the females this world would cease to exist
I would not be here if not for my mother
And like her there is no other.

Why would man want to take a life at birth
This is the most precious thing on this earth.
The children are so happy when they celebrate my birth
And receive gifts as I had done before
When the three kings opened up that gift giving door.
Yet! I sit here reflecting on centuries gone by
With tears in my eyes.
But also with joy and fulfillment in my heart
Knowing this is the season for a brand new start.

Look into the eyes of every child that passes by
And you will see that gleam in their eyes
And love in their hearts, if they are led in the right direction
Mankind will be closer to perfection.

I could not believe what I was hearing and asked:
Who are you? He turned and smiled and said:
I am your father my son, and I’ve come
To help everyone.
Everyone who seeks my father
I will respond in his name.

“Then he faded from my sight”
And I prayed for peace and love that same night.



Christmas child2

Christmas child 2

Christmas is all about love sent with a child from the heavens above
A child who was born as a carpenter’s son who came to bless every one
He wasn’t born wealthy or lived in a castle or on a mountain high
But he was praised and honored from all the angels in the sky.
Because of his birth three kings followed a star and traveled from afar
When they arrived to where the star shone that is where this child was born
In a manger with cattle and sheep sitting on the hay, as they all knelt to pray.
They came with gifts to honor a king with gold, frankincense
And myrrh they did bring.
There is not diamonds, gold, silver, pearls or riches of any kind
That could compare to what he has left behind.
It is the power of love and the love that he shared with every one
And as they say: his will be done.
You hear of him in religious books, storybooks. And word of mouth
And how his words came about.
There is no story greater than his birth and life, not Sampson and Delilah
Hercules, Joan of arc, Moses, or Noah and his arc, and so many
Others on which I won’t embark.
One man who created a new religion called Christianity
And if you take the first part of that word, it is CHRIST.
Then you also have Christmas so don’t take CHRIST out of Christmas.
What more can I say! I believe and love him in every way.
© L RAMS121114

Christmas story tellers

All the Christmas stories the children are learning
As the Christmas candle is burning.
The stories are being told by grandparents and parents alike
Sitting by the candle light.
Oh so many stories that must be told
Stories that never gets old.
Stories of different places and unfamiliar faces
Like stories of Uncle Scrooge and how the people s kindness he abused
And how he changed his ways, and the story lives on till this day.
Also the stories of Rudolph and frosty the snowman and Santa
And what he went through- to deliver presents to me and you.
Then you have the island of misfit toys and how
Each one yearned to be hugged by a little girl or boy
And Santa knew just what to do and they’ve been repaired like new.
The elves have worked all year long making toys for every girl and boy
This is Santa’s special day where he gives the toys they made away.
Then we see the children who can’t stay awake no matter how hard they try
Because the Sandman’s dust is in their eyes.
His sleigh will be in flight and the stars will be his guiding light
And Rudolph will brighten the way, so from his course he will not stray.
So many stories that the adults will tell as the children sit all around
Just looking up, not making a sound.
We need these story tellers who know how to weave a web
Till they close their eyes and are put in bed.
©L.RAMS 120914

no more abuse

She bore no children of her own, because her insides
Were turned to stone.
She had been abused so much before, till she walked out the door.
A woman who was as timid as a mouse, beaten and abused by her spouse.
How much more can you take, before it becomes much too late?
He was abusive in every way and she knew she could not stay.
She recalled the threat that he had said
If you leave I’ll hunt you down and bury your bones in the ground
She had to beat him at his own game; otherwise her life would stay the same
And she had to put a plan in action that would meet her satisfaction.
No one believed that she was being beaten for he was able
To leave her with no scars or black and blues, and she knew just what to do.
She saved her money and had camcorders put all around that
Could record every move and sound
When he came home drunk that night and started to abuse her and fight
All the recorders were at work recording every punch and jerk.
When he left for work the next day, she took it to the police
So they could watch it play.
That was all that they needed to arrest him on site
With the news she jumped with delight’
She filed for divorce and started a new life
Remarried and is living a good life.
© L. RAMS 120614

short time to live

So many times you felt like turning your back and walking away
Will you be blamed? WhO is to say?
Life has so many ups and downs- just turn and look around’
With a short time to live – just to have your problems
“What they would give “.
You still have a lifetime that you can hold a loved one or a friend
And not have to think that tomorrow your life will end.
A lifetime has to be crammed into a short period of time
Because you’ll be leaving your loved ones and friends behind.
What was once insignificant is now a priority in your mind
Which will outweigh the hands of time?
Life is not measured in minutes, hours or days
But in the way you live your life and when you do things that are right.
A smile, a thank you, a little hello, that is the way to go.
How good you feel when you’re told “a job well done” and
The smiles from every one.
Learn to love everything that GOD has given and you will
See how much life is worth living.
© L . RAMS 120614

my hopes and dreams are gone

All my hopes and dreams are gone, nothing left in me to carry on.
My life is in a shambles and disarray I guess this is the price that I must pay.
For all the wrongs that I had done and the pains I had put on some.
I lived my life the best that I could and if there were things
That I could change – then I would.
GOD had given us the gift of choice, yet we don’t hear our inner voice
Of when the feeling becomes very strong, and the voice tells us that it’s wrong.
Do we listen? Do we even care? When the voice tells us “don’t go there “
Many have gone through this the same as me
Look at their faces – can’t you see!
Their hopes and dreams are gone and they just have the memories to carry on.
© L . RAMS 120614

Christmas kings

Christmas is upon us and friends and family are near
Helping to share the joys each and every year.
This is the time that children look forward to
Where they get Christmas presents and spend time with you
Sharing moments and memories that have gone by
As they look at their parents as tears form in their eyes.
Christmas is not just for gift giving, but a celebration of life
Of when CHRIST was born and made the ultimate sacrifice.
The gift giving started with the Three Kings
And with The gifts that they would bring.
The gold was to honor a king; the frankincense was for the gods
And the myrrh was used to anoint the dead, never realizing
The path that he would thread.
They was foretold of his birth, and he would be the king of kings
And of the love that he would bring.
I honor them on this special day for they were
The first to give thanks and praise.
© L.Rams 112214