Christmas kings

Christmas is upon us and friends and family are near
Helping to share the joys each and every year.
This is the time that children look forward to
Where they get Christmas presents and spend time with you
Sharing moments and memories that have gone by
As they look at their parents as tears form in their eyes.
Christmas is not just for gift giving, but a celebration of life
Of when CHRIST was born and made the ultimate sacrifice.
The gift giving started with the Three Kings
And with The gifts that they would bring.
The gold was to honor a king; the frankincense was for the gods
And the myrrh was used to anoint the dead, never realizing
The path that he would thread.
They was foretold of his birth, and he would be the king of kings
And of the love that he would bring.
I honor them on this special day for they were
The first to give thanks and praise.
© L.Rams 112214


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