short time to live

So many times you felt like turning your back and walking away
Will you be blamed? WhO is to say?
Life has so many ups and downs- just turn and look around’
With a short time to live – just to have your problems
“What they would give “.
You still have a lifetime that you can hold a loved one or a friend
And not have to think that tomorrow your life will end.
A lifetime has to be crammed into a short period of time
Because you’ll be leaving your loved ones and friends behind.
What was once insignificant is now a priority in your mind
Which will outweigh the hands of time?
Life is not measured in minutes, hours or days
But in the way you live your life and when you do things that are right.
A smile, a thank you, a little hello, that is the way to go.
How good you feel when you’re told “a job well done” and
The smiles from every one.
Learn to love everything that GOD has given and you will
See how much life is worth living.
© L . RAMS 120614


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