Christmas story tellers

All the Christmas stories the children are learning
As the Christmas candle is burning.
The stories are being told by grandparents and parents alike
Sitting by the candle light.
Oh so many stories that must be told
Stories that never gets old.
Stories of different places and unfamiliar faces
Like stories of Uncle Scrooge and how the people s kindness he abused
And how he changed his ways, and the story lives on till this day.
Also the stories of Rudolph and frosty the snowman and Santa
And what he went through- to deliver presents to me and you.
Then you have the island of misfit toys and how
Each one yearned to be hugged by a little girl or boy
And Santa knew just what to do and they’ve been repaired like new.
The elves have worked all year long making toys for every girl and boy
This is Santa’s special day where he gives the toys they made away.
Then we see the children who can’t stay awake no matter how hard they try
Because the Sandman’s dust is in their eyes.
His sleigh will be in flight and the stars will be his guiding light
And Rudolph will brighten the way, so from his course he will not stray.
So many stories that the adults will tell as the children sit all around
Just looking up, not making a sound.
We need these story tellers who know how to weave a web
Till they close their eyes and are put in bed.
©L.RAMS 120914


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