the other side

Loved ones name and loved ones name each other they have found
For their love is no longer earth bound.
The love in heaven becomes a million fold
It is a love that will never get old.
Friends and family will meet as they lay
Wreaths of gold at GODS feet.
Frankincense and myrrh also wait
As you pick them up at the pearly gates.
Crowds of angels and cherubs line the path to his throne
Much more beautiful than it is known.
So many descriptions of how heaven must be
And now our loved ones will finally see.
The streets may be lined with every precious jewel from earth
But in heaven it has no value, no worth.
In heaven the most beautiful treasure that you will find
Are the souls of every kind?
Our souls are a growing light that they transcend day or night
There is no such thing as race, color or creed
For we are all of the same seed.
We are but GODS children and mere humans struggling
To do what’s right, under GODS watchful sight.
On the other side there are no more troubles or despair
You will find only beauty everywhere.
© L . RAMS 12315

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