my crying heart

My crying heart
I find myself sitting all alone in my home
Listening to what my heart is telling me.
I am tired of crying every night
Since we got into that fight.
When your heart is breaking there is no right or wrong
But you don’t want to give in- you want to be strong.
Heartache does not know the difference between right or wrong
Or weak or strong.
It just knows the pain it’s in – not who will lose or who will win.
Can you remember when your heart was innocent and pure?
A virgin to life, then you made this sacrifice and not knowing
What it would bring and affect your heart deep within.
“Oh my poor heart I’m sorry I hurt you so”
I just didn’t know that at times life can be so cruel
In love there are no rules.
“So cry my heart if you must- for in love we must put our trust.”
It will not always be heartache and pain, for no two are ever the same
But love can be a crying game!
© L.RAMS 012615


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