how love should be

Don’t settle for just anyone to love
That’s not what dreams are made of.
Love should be like waves beating against the beach
Showing how far it can reach, or like the rising sun
Which doesn’t end until the day is done.
Love should be an “exploration”
Of every word and every sensation.

Love is not just a four letter word
It is a voice which must be heard.
Love must search the depthness of your soul
So that new feelings can unfold.
We can get into relationships of every kind
And our emotions can be blind.

Then comes that special someone
And you know your search is done.
That person who feels comfortable in all that you do
And wants to spend every moment with you.
That person who will go that extra mile
Just to see if you will smile.

That person who will share your joys and sorrows
And be with you “today and tomorrow”.
This is how love should be
If you believe in love like me.
© L.RAMS 012815


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