let’s stand up to those bullies

Let’s Stand Up To Those Bullies

Let’s stand up to those bullies who think
Gay bashing is fun.
If it happened to one of your family members
Would you stand up and fight? Or would you run?

If you found out it was your mother
Who liked the same gender.
Would you say something to offend her.

A 13 year old in Texas shot himself for being gay
Another 13 years old also hung himself.
And now a freshman from
Rutgers college jumped off the George Washington bridge
Because two people thought it was funny, so they
Taped him that day.

Gays have been around since the beginning of time
Open your eyes, you’re not blind.
They live, they work, they play, the same as you
And their lives they’ll give for their country too.

They don’t tell you who you can and can not love
These all come from up above.
If GOD had made us exactly alike
Then we would really argue and fight.
You would be making love to yourself
Because there would not be anything else.

How many more lives must be taken
Before you are really awakened.
Bullying doesn’t only apply to gay bashing.

People who talk down to you because
You may not be as smart, or as good looking
Or as slim as them.
Don’t you feel like they offend?

We are all at the bottom of that totem pole
Even the ones who think they’re in control.
Is Roy smarter than me? does Sheila
Have a better body than me?
Everyone has their doubts, but that’s
What life is all about.

So before you start to put anyone else down
Turn and look around
They may be talking about you
The same way that you want to do.


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