the drunkards ( story=bullying)

this is another one of mine on people who love to bully others

There was three of them in an old pickup truck
After drinking all night at the GOLDEN DUCK.
As the sun was coming up they was screamin and cussin
As to what to do next – they was fussin.

When seeing this sixteen year old riding her bike to school
They started acting like the drunken fools.
They started screaming and howling and giving wolf cries
As the girl rode on by.

They wasn’t just satisfied with their howls and cries
They wanted her by their sides.
They turned the truck around and cut her off
They was going to show her ‘ who was boss’.

They tried to grab her from the back
But she was prepared for any sneak attacks.
She had her guardian angel with her from heaven
And she had been learning KUNG -FU since the age of seven.

When the first one reached out to grab her
She grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand straight up and back
Till she heard his wrist crack.

As the second one came running up
A round house kick in his face
Sent him flying into space.

The third one came at her with a tire iron in his hand
As she crotched down and took her stand
When he was about two feet away and open wide
In his crotch her kick did fly.

All three men lay on the ground
as she picked up her bike without a sound
Put her bike on their pick up truck
With this girl they was s- out of luck.
Then drove the truck into town
and told the sheriff where they could be found.

They was charged with ‘drunk and disorderly manner’
And on the high school there flies a banner.

‘Protect yourself and don’t give in
Being a bully you will never win’

louis rams


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