easily loving you

The easiest thing I ever done in my life is “loving you”
The hardest thing I ever done in my life is being apart from you.
You have made my life worthwhile with your every word and smile,
They could take away the streams, the mountains, the rivers too
But to take away your love I wouldn’t know what to do.
If water was to be taken away from the trees and grass
I know they would not last, and if you was to say good-bye
I know I would surely die.
People say that our love will be buried but little
Do they know that our love is seeds, and our love
Is strong and will last like “a diamond cutting glass “.
Can anyone love you more than me? I think not!
Because all my love you have got.
Romeo and Juliet’s love cannot compare
To the love I have hidden here.
Our love is explosive like fire and gasoline
And with each kiss the flame grows higher
Sparking up another fire.
If we haven’t seen the extent of it yet
Then how much stronger can our love get!
Many stories have been told –some new, many old
Yet the greatest love story is about to unfold
And that key is the one you hold.
© L. RAMS 020715


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