sands of love

i walked along the oceans shores
with a hundred thoughts on my mind
trying to get the answers in that period of time.
does love only come once in our lifetime?
and is it destined for us to feel heartbreak?
how can i survive? what will it take.
i was forgetting what it was to love again
then something strange happened to me.
i felt the oceans mist gently touch my face.
i felt the sun hold me in a warm embrace.
i felt the sand underneath my feet
i felt my heart skip a beat.
there stood this woman in her glory
telling the children a fairy tale story.
as a child they would wonder.
what was rolling thunder?
what created the rainbow in the sky.
why could the birds fly, and not you and i?
why does the sun rise in the east
and sets in the west?
is this just part of GODS test?
these were just some of the
questions that was put to her.
she looked at the children in total dismay
not knowing what to say.
so i decided to step in, and answer the
questions the best that i could.
not really knowing if i should.
she smiled at me, and gave a sigh of relief
she asked me to sit at their feet.
we laughed and joked with the children
and played in the sand.
she thanked me for giving the helping hand.
the sun started to set in the sky
there we sat- just she and i.
i asked if i could see her again
even if it’s as a friend.
and she knew where i was going with that
and that there’d be no turning back.
we were both looking for love
the second time around.
and in each other
‘that love we found’.

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