children s hospital dreams (christmas story )

The countdown to CHRISTMAS had begun

As they waited with anticipation – the mother
Father ,Daughter and son.
All year long they waited for this day
To thank JESUS in their own special way.

As a family they had made a decision
To fulfill a sick child s dreams and visions.
Many are born with treatable sicknesses
While others are born with a terminal ill disease
But they all have hopes, wishes, and dreams
And in their eyes it is seen.

So every year they pick a child or more
And to their dream they open that door.
They ask the children to write their wish list down
Some may be simple – like a walk in the park
And others to see the city after dark.

Some may want to meet a person of fame
While others may want to see a sports game.
This is where their decision is tough
Because some may be on borrowed time
And to us – they may look fine.

If it is a famous person that they want to meet
Getting in touch with them may be a feat.
Even to a sporting event – letters and phone calls
Have to be sent.

They always seem to find the means
To fulfill these children s dreams.
Just to see that smile on their face
Is something that can not be replaced.

Now when it gets close to Christmas day
Get on your knees and pray.

Thank GOD for your health
Because it’s worth more than any wealth.


© L . RAMS


2 thoughts on “children s hospital dreams (christmas story )

  1. You got it right, we should all be glad for whatever state of health we are in. It always could be worse. I was born 5 days before Christmas. I was born at 28 weeks. That caused my vision loss.

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  2. my grandson was born 6 weeks before time and my daughter was born the same day as your father ( cinco de mayo ) and as always thank you so much for yourr following and comments


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