escaping the abuse

this is a topic which I write a lot about because there is so much
of this going on all around the world of women being abused.

She was at the dance with her boyfriend
Who abused her to no end.
Every time she tried to get away
He would beat her so she could stay
I asked her out on the dance floor
Not knowing what was in store
Everything for me changed on that day
As he walked to the dance floor and pulled her away.
“What is your problem?” I had asked!
“Find another one with which to dance!”
I saw her a few more times on the street
And on the q.t. we started to meet.
She told me her life story and what she was going thru
And didn’t know just what to do
Her parents had passed away and no family members with which to stay
The life insurance money had dwindled away, and in the house she could not stay
She was living out of her car while working in a neighborhood bar
That was where she met her boyfriend JIM
Who said she could stay with him.
Little did she know – the physical abuse that he would show.
For a better education she did pray, so I made a plan to take her away
She finished her school and got her degree, and was happy as can be.
We soon married as she got her new start
And she is now the queen of my heart.
© L. RAMS 021115


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