battered wife

when they met, she could’nt know
that later on, his true colors would show.
he beat on women all his life
then he made her ‘ his wife’.

just so that he could have a puching bag
and that part of life ‘ is very sad’.

in his life he saw abuse
and decided to put it to use
he thought that it would keep a woman in line
and to them ‘ it was just fine’.

he did not think, nor did he care
if to his wife, it was fair.
he broke her nose
and fractured her ribs
because she refused to give
the sex that he so desired
just to satisfy his inner fire.

he thought that she was something
that he could use, as he felt fit.
til the day that she opened up her mind
and decided that it was time
to stop this physical abuse
for crying, was of no use.

so when he came home after
drinking that night, and started his routine fight
she was prepared for his attack
and she was ready to fight back.

when he raised his hand to strike
she then showed a 12 inch knife.

‘touch me again and you will see
that you’ll be part of history.’

he lowered his hand in dismay
she knew then-she could not stay.
the following day she packed her things
and on the dresser, left her ring.

(leave him after the first time
for there is no dividing line.
he will continue his attacks
then there’ll be no turning back)

louis rams


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