the housewife

If you do a little housework every day
Then on the weekend you’ll have time to play
A housewife s work is never done
Working from morning to setting sun.

Sweeping, dusting and mopping, always moving
And never stopping.
Washing clothes and ironing too
So many things that you must do.

Then the cooking and doing the dishes
Picking up in back of the kids and feeding the fishes.
Then trying to look pretty for when your husband gets home
So at your tired appearance he won’t throw stones.

Then when your day is through, a CALGON bath is what you do.
(Calgon take me away)
Just lying in the tub to unwind, and in another hour you’ll be fine.
The comfort of your bed is looking so good
And you’re wondering if you should.
Then your husband has that gleam in his eye
And you’re hoping that he doesn’t try.

Then the comment was all it took, of how good you always look.
Then he holds you in his arms and releases all his charms
And makes all your aches and pains go away
And this ends the housewife s day.
© L. RAMS 032515


you’re a hypocrite

I put you on a pedestal and raised you to the sky
And everything you told me was a lie.
You said you loved me and would always be true
Then I found you with somebody new.
Your friends knew about your cheating heart “oh so well”
But no one would tell!
How could you be so cruel that you played me like a fool!
I know now that you’re not mine, so I won’t waste my time.
I’ll take your cheating heart and throw it to the wind
So in my heart you’ll never get in.
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever known
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever shown
No truths could be found, as all truths fell to the ground
A hypocrite in love and life, and you’ve never done
Anything that’s right.
How did your memory hold – all those lies that you told?
Well baby it’s time that we part, because you have broken every ones heart.
Your hypocrisy showed me to beware, that my love with just
Anyone I cannot share.
© L. RAMS 031515

mother s baby boy

You outgrew the stages of childhood dolls and toys
And been blessed with a beautiful boy
For nine months you felt him kick and turn
This was the stage that you both had to learn.
From here on your motherly instincts will rise
And with your wisdom he’ll turn out fine.
He will have his ups and downs, but his answers will be found.
A woman’s pains he must learn to understand
And yet grow up to be a man.
From you he’ll learn the rights and wrongs
And become big and strong.
As a mother you want “your son”
To respect each and every one.
Teach him that abuse of any kind
“Will not be accepted”
And in his heart it must be rejected.
Love him as the mother that you are
And in this world he will go far.
© L. RAMS 031515

why women cry

Why Do Women Cry

I had gotten this from a friend, and the author is unknown But it is so beautiful I decided to post it for others to read.
There was no title so I added my own title.

Why do women cry

Why are you crying? A young boy asked his mom.
Because I am a woman, she told him.
I don’t understand, he said.
His mom just hugged him and said:
And you never will, but that’s okay.

Later the little boy asked his father,
Why does mom seem to cry for no reason?
All women cry for no reason.
Was all his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a man,
Still wondering why women cry.
Finally, he went on his knees and asked god:
GOD*** why do women cry so easily?
And god answered…

When I made women, I decided she had to be special.
I made her shoulders strong enough to carry
The weight of the world,
Yet her arms gentle enough to give comfort!
I gave her the inner strength to endure childbirth
And the rejection that many times will come
even from her own children!

I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going
And take care of her family and friends,
Even when everyone else gives up, through
Sickness and fatigue, without complaint!

I gave her sensitivity to love her children
Under any and all circumstances, even when
her child has hurt her badly!
She has the very special power to make a Childs
Boo-boo feel better and to quell a teenagers
Anxieties and fears.

I gave her the strength to care for her husband,
Despite faults, and I fashioned her from his rib
To protect her heart!
I gave her the wisdom to know that a good husband
Never hurts his wife but sometimes tests
her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly!

Son, for all of this hard work…
I also gave her a tear to shed.
It is hers to use whenever needed and
Is her only weakness!

When you see her cry,
Tell her how much you love her
And all she does for everyone.
And even though she may still cry,
You will have made her heart feel good.

She is special!