you’re a hypocrite

I put you on a pedestal and raised you to the sky
And everything you told me was a lie.
You said you loved me and would always be true
Then I found you with somebody new.
Your friends knew about your cheating heart “oh so well”
But no one would tell!
How could you be so cruel that you played me like a fool!
I know now that you’re not mine, so I won’t waste my time.
I’ll take your cheating heart and throw it to the wind
So in my heart you’ll never get in.
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever known
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever shown
No truths could be found, as all truths fell to the ground
A hypocrite in love and life, and you’ve never done
Anything that’s right.
How did your memory hold – all those lies that you told?
Well baby it’s time that we part, because you have broken every ones heart.
Your hypocrisy showed me to beware, that my love with just
Anyone I cannot share.
© L. RAMS 031515


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