he Was an abusive man and led her by the hand
Took her to a room and beat her till she was black and blue
In fear she didn’t know what to do , so she called the
ABUSIVE HOTT LINE – they told her to come in and she’d be fine.

With this group there was no hesitation
They filled out the reports and took her to the police station.
A restraining order was filed to protect her and her child.

He had done this many times before and they let him walk out the door.
No others had filed charges against him and he’d walk out with a grin.
But with her he could not be within fifty yards
Otherwise he’d be charged.

The ABUSIVE LINE is open to everyone
Don’t wait till they have a gun.
The abuser wants to be in control of your mind, body and soul.
To them it’s the greatest power to control your every hour.
And put fear in your mind and keep you meek so you stay in line
No matter where you live you will find an ABUSIVE HOT LINE..
Reach out while you can and get yourself a helping hand.

© L . RAMS 041415


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