tale of two lovers forbidden love

Tale of two lovers forbidden love (09/01/11)

A tale of two lovers who met when they were young
They got together just to have some fun.
Sparks started flying way beyond their control
They was so excited, so brave , so young , so bold.

They became lovers ( I’m sure you already guessed)
Bringing out emotions, bringing out their best.
It was a forbidden love for a pair who was so young
But they nurtured it, and soon it became as one.

A love story – like a Romeo and Juliet tale
Their love so strong, they knew it could not fail.
He was protective in more ways than one
For she was his life, she was the sun.

They knew there would be objections
By family and their friends, so they
Kept it quiet till the very end.

They continued with their schooling
And professions they both gained
And they knew from the beginning
Their loves would remain the same.

They now told everyone, and screamed it to the world
How they hid their love, like an oyster hides its pearl.
They got married and a child she did bear
And as the child grew up, this story she would share.

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