rare beauty

The sun was shining way up high , transparent clouds
In the sky ,as the birds were flying by.
Then I saw her beautiful face – she had style , she had grace.
It was as if she was floating by and she had caught my eye.
I became transfixed , hypnotized with her beauty
With a small waist and a fantastic booty.
Her legs were shapely , yet firm and that picture
In my mind did burn.
She was VENUS and LADY GODIVA rolled into one
And I knew my heart was done.
When you find a beauty that is so rare
With no one else do you want to share.
Then she smiled and started to speak
And I was swept off my feet.
Her voice as gentle as a summer breeze , putting
Me completely at ease.
She was as beautiful as a turtle dove
Then I knew I was in love.
© L . RAMS 041615

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