he was a follower

He hid me in the rafters because for him the
Roman soldiers were coming after.
As they led him out the door he screamed up to GOD once more
I will gladly give my life for you, there is nothing more that they can do.
He was tried and sentenced to be crucified
They say as he looked up he saw JESUS face up in the sky
Looked at me and said good-bye.
You must practice what you preach – this is something
That he did teach , and with GOD in your heart
Into a new world you will start.
So teach your children as he taught me
In the other life you’ll be free.
There will be no more suffering , aches or pains
For your life will forever change.
You never fear the unknown – if your faith is very strong
Let us all do the same – follow him in CHRIST’S name.
© L . RAMS 041615


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