for centuries they have been around in every city, village and town

they was known under many different names and yet no two

were ever the same.

they are known as the angels of mercy, also te kind hearted souls

who helped the sick , the dieing , the old.

they see aches, pains and suffering every day while family members

may hide or run away.

they share with the sick , stories. pains and tears

and they wipe away their fears.

their faces may be the last faces that the dieing may see

as they bring them comfort in the life to be.

nurses don’t work under doctors , they work as equals with them !

they give them meds and hold their hands to let them know they understand.

the nurses are the soldiers on the battlefields who fight the wars

they are the ones who know the score.

when they have to turn a patient on their side so

that they can clean their behinds and making sure

they have no bedsores before they walk out the door.

they also have times of joy when they see the birth

of a girl or boy, and of when a patient can walk out the door on their own

because of the caring a nurse has shown.

they are the last stop between healing and dieing

and of this there is no denying.

(C) L . RAMS042715


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