this here guitar – windsongs in my mind       this here guitar      –  wind songs in my mind

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loving you is my dream

loving you is my dream come true

you have taken me to worlds beyond mine

through distance and time.

i have traveled the solar system in your embrace

and in the safety of your love , given to me from the LORD above.

i have seen desolate worlds without any knowledge of what it would be

to love and be loved endlessly.

this time machine can only be found in a heart of love

( who is it that you’re thinking of ? )

you’ll sit in this vehicle and see the present , the future , the past

just to show you how long love will last.

travel with me on the tails of this kite , and i will take you to a brand new height.

don’t be afraid to show your emotions , for it can be deeper than any ocean, and higher than any mountain top

continuing higher and without any stop.

love is worth more than gold, diamonds or pearls

and will take you to different worlds.

it is like the ocean waves with its ups and downs

till it crashes upon dry ground.

voyages don’t always have smooth sailings , and you

learn to take the good with the bad , the happy and the sad.

grab the kite tails and fly with me to the world of ecstacy.

(C) L .RAMS 051015

women who work and party ( for the ladies)

You wake up in the morning with sleep in your eyes
Wondering if this day will turn out fine.
You get up out of bed and do your daily routine
Washing your face and making sure your clothes are clean.
You get yourself ready to go to work
And the coffee is just starting to perk.
You’re deciding on what you’re going to eat
Maybe pancakes will be a good treat?
You finish your breakfast, wash the dishes and you’re out the door
Wondering what this day has in store?
You get to work and the headaches begin
It seems like you just can’t win.
The hours seem to slowly pass!
How much longer will this last?
Five o’clock is finally here – every one jumps up and starts to cheer.
Now you start your trek back home- in your bed is where you belong
But it’s Friday night and it’s party time
A little dancing and some wine.
You put on that sexy dress- and the makeup will do the rest.
You pick up your purse and your cell
You’re low on cash, but you won’t tell.
You get to the club and your friends are there
And their table with you they share.
After your first drink you’re out on the floor
You can’t stop- you want much more.
After a full hour of dancing you have to take a break
You know you’re tired because your legs and feet ache.
Back to the table – another glass of wine
Your eyes are heavy so you know it’s that time.
You say good night to your friends at the table
You’ve got to get home while you’re able.
You get home and lock the door, take your shower, then walk the floor.
A house is not a home when there’s no one there
And you have so much to share.
But who do you talk to when you’re all alone
Sitting there by the phone.
This is the time that you think about a man
Who can fit in your plan.
But you’re still young with no obligation
So why get into a heavy relation?

louis rams

i took the vows

i work my fingers to the bone , but my wife won’t leave me alone

she is always looking for a fight, sometimes i think she just ain’t right.

i’m sure she loves me in some way, but i’m finding it so hard to stay

women say they wish they had a man with qualities like me

but this is something she just doesn’t see.

she’s been a housewife more years than i care to count

i thought this was what marriage was all about.

she has most things that women dream of , even has her spouse’s love.

but she nitty picks me to death and doesn’t even take time to catch her breath.

i make a list of things to do, and she won’t stop criticizing until i’m through.

is it that she is so insecure- that with me she’s not sure ?

why does negativity control her life – a little change would be nice.

i guess i’ll have to accept this life- because i took the vows when she became my wife.

(C) L .RAMS 050115

why people fear poetry

most people don’t read poetry because it’s hard to understand

they don’t know how to interpret what’s in their hand.

they have read century old poems with the ” THEE’S and THOU’S

but i’m going to change that NOW.

i am known as POETLOU and i’m going to show you just what i do.

my stories will blow your mind, they are written in verse and rhyme.

they are stories of love, passion , faith and hate and of sorrows and abuse.

pick any story and you will see, that you’ll get hooked on me.

let me take you on a journey where you’ve never been before

and i will open up every door.

yet the biggest door that you will see – is where your mind will be.

( food for thought )

if i was lying , i’d be flying , and my feet are still on the ground.

ha-ha enjoy the reads ! (C) L . RAMS 050115