i took the vows

i work my fingers to the bone , but my wife won’t leave me alone

she is always looking for a fight, sometimes i think she just ain’t right.

i’m sure she loves me in some way, but i’m finding it so hard to stay

women say they wish they had a man with qualities like me

but this is something she just doesn’t see.

she’s been a housewife more years than i care to count

i thought this was what marriage was all about.

she has most things that women dream of , even has her spouse’s love.

but she nitty picks me to death and doesn’t even take time to catch her breath.

i make a list of things to do, and she won’t stop criticizing until i’m through.

is it that she is so insecure- that with me she’s not sure ?

why does negativity control her life – a little change would be nice.

i guess i’ll have to accept this life- because i took the vows when she became my wife.

(C) L .RAMS 050115


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