loving you is my dream

loving you is my dream come true

you have taken me to worlds beyond mine

through distance and time.

i have traveled the solar system in your embrace

and in the safety of your love , given to me from the LORD above.

i have seen desolate worlds without any knowledge of what it would be

to love and be loved endlessly.

this time machine can only be found in a heart of love

( who is it that you’re thinking of ? )

you’ll sit in this vehicle and see the present , the future , the past

just to show you how long love will last.

travel with me on the tails of this kite , and i will take you to a brand new height.

don’t be afraid to show your emotions , for it can be deeper than any ocean, and higher than any mountain top

continuing higher and without any stop.

love is worth more than gold, diamonds or pearls

and will take you to different worlds.

it is like the ocean waves with its ups and downs

till it crashes upon dry ground.

voyages don’t always have smooth sailings , and you

learn to take the good with the bad , the happy and the sad.

grab the kite tails and fly with me to the world of ecstacy.

(C) L .RAMS 051015


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