private : don’t test the hands of time (song)

don’t test the hands of time
when her heart is begging you to stay , how do you turn and walk away ?
how do you leave a woman who has done no wrong
and you’ve always gotten along.
how do you leave something that will last, and go back to something from the past. best to open up your mind and
don’t test the hands of time (3x)
why stir up dirty water when you have your house in order
don’t let yourself be blind- a good woman is hard to find.
she has become your companion , your confidante and friend
and she will love you till the end.
even when she knows you’re wrong, she stands by you through the storm.
don’t test the hands of time (3x)
she’s a woman who wants a family, and with you she longs to be.
when you’re wrong she may pull your collar if she must
so don’t be stupid and lose her trust.
don’t test the hands of time (3x)
(C) L . RAMS 070715


taking time off

i’m taking some time off- need to get away, all work and no play
i have to relax and clear my mind- must leave the job behind.
need to relax and lay out on the beach
have to find “some relief.”
fill my cooler with a six pack and some wine
and under the umbrella i’ll be fine.
i’ll walk along the shores of the beach and gaze upon the rising sun
and relax till the day is done.
breakfast and lunch will be brought out to me
it’s included in their fee.
a little scuba diving and some fishing too , these are the things i want to do
they say para -sailing is really fun , as you look down upon every one.
people waving at you as you climb higher into the sky
that is something i want to try , and when my feet are back on the ground
and the evening rolls around – a candle light dinner made for two
then love making the whole night through.
my other half was enjoying her day as she was pampered in so many ways
at the pool taking in the rays , then an early massage to relax her bones
something she never gets at home.
she had her hair done and a pedicure too- something that she wanted to do.
this was our first weekend getaway, but for a full week i’m coming back to stay.
(c) L . RAMS 072215

thru my eyes ( food for thought )

every time you look around , GOD S beauties will be found

the sun , the moon , the clouds , the stars above

everything was made with his love.

the trees , grass, plants, and water – all was made in perfect order.

the animals on the ground , even the mammals that swim around.

there are underwater plants, and fish of every kind

that is yet to be seen by the human eye.

the ocean is still a hidden place- yet we send rockets into space,

the ocean is much closer than the infinite sky , and the cures

for most sicknesses may be down below , and if we don’t explore

then how will we know.

there must be a reason GOD made the earth two thirds water !  hmmmmm

if we could farm the oceans the way we farm the lands

there would be enough food to feed every child , woman and man.

the oceans hold vast wealths yet to uncover

imagine with our technology all that we could discover.


do you

do you think about me when we’re apart
do you have me in your heart
does the scent of me fill the air , even thou i’m not there
do you miss my arms that hold you tight
do you miss my kisses when i say good night
what do you like most about me i’d like to know
is it my love that does grow , or is it the way
that i hold your hand to let you know i understand
is it the passion that we created , that left our bodies devastated.
or is it the hours that we spend together in sunny skies or stormy weather
do you think that if we’re apart , that you will disappear from my heart
do you know that i live for your love , and that you was sent to me from above.
do you know that our next step is marriage and a family
and i don’t just want two , i want three.
(C) L . RAMS 071915

staying alive

working in the sweltering sun, had to stay till the job was done
i started to sing : ” staying alive ” as the sweat poured down my thighs
then i saw her with the convertible top down
her hair was short and mousey brown
her rosy lips complimented her smile, she had grace, she had style
she gave me a bottle of water to cool me down
smiled and said : ” see you around ”
i sipped the water very slow , and her body i wanted to know
i had to finsh this job on time, cause all day long she was on my mind.
quitting time was getting near, and when i turned she was there.
” hey cable guy- i liked what i saw, came back to see some more ”
she parked her car and got out – this is what life s all about.
short shorts, high heels, and she wore a tied up blouse
her long tanned legs complimented the look
i knew right then that i was hooked.
walking over she grabbed my face and planted kisses in every space.
then her lips finally met mine, and took me beyond all time.
she pulled away from me and with that smile asked if i wanted
to go to her house for a while, and make passionate love all night
untill the early morning light.
my hands started to tremble and my voice started to shake
as i rushed to the car before it was too late.
she was true to her word and we made love all night
i’m glad as hell ” that she’s my wife ”
ha -ha hope you enjoyed this tale !
(C) L . RAMS 071815

renewing the love

the relation is starting to go wrong, when you no longer get along
when you start to bicker and fight, and things just don’t seem right
when the ” i love you ” becomes fewer and far apart
and those words don’t come from your heart.
when you both find fault in all that you say and do
and it’s time to find someone new.
you try to salvage all that you had, but the relationship
has just gone bad.
it’s now the time where you must sit and talk , and tell all
your feelings before you walk.
you’re both feeling the pains that this breakup brings
but you feel it’s the best thing.
you don’t want it to get to a point of hate , so you must
break up before it’s too late.
the pain and anguish is seen in your eyes, as you both begin to cry.
it started off as a fairy tale romance and you both felt it had a good chance
you’re both now sitting at the kitchen table wondering if you’re willing and able to give this relation another chance to refind that lost romance.
you find your hands reaching over to meet and your hearts start
to skip that familiar beat. your eyes make contact and your hearts
begin to melt recalling all those feelings that you had felt.
many things are said in anger and stupid pride pulls us apart
but that’s not what we’re feeling in our hearts.
many times a relationship can be repaired and sometimes not
but in this world what else have we got.
you get up from the kitchen table still holding hands
and talking about making new plans,
( you learn to grow strong when you both admit that you are wrong.)
there’s a lot of people you can live with , but only one you can’t live
without .
(C) L . RAMS 070915

the storm

the sounds of thunder echoing in the sky, bolts
of lightning passing my eyes, the fears of the storm gripping my soul
making me lose all control.
where do you hide when you’re in open space
another storm you have to face.
a silent prayer comes into your mind, and you lose the track of time.
when the prayer you have finished-the thunderous storm has diminished.
the skies start to clear , and the birds are singing in the air.
the squirrels running on the ground making their familiar sound.
the sound of a helicopter buzzing in your ear , giving
its reports from far and near.
the day is back to a normal pace, as a smile crosses your face
the storm is over and you are fine- it’s just another day in time.
(C) L . RAMS 070715

this old fox

my heart is a temple holding all the secrets of this sinner
where there is only one winner.
i’m a sinner who has won at every turn, and so many lessons to be learned
how does an old fox change his ways, when there is so many plays.
so many sheep for the slaughter, and the field is getting broader.
oh ! i love the sheep so young and fair, who strut around without a care.
always thinking ” it can’t happen to me “but this old fox they do not see.
i get them while they’re in their prime- they try to think but don’t have time
this old foxx is about to leave its lair- so you young sheep ‘ YOU BEST BEWARE ”
(c) L . RAMS 070715

womens flowing tears

( these are the thoughts of women when they thought
i could not hear them over the years. )
womens flowing tears
i want all the world to see all the feelings inside of me
feelings of love , disappointments and fears all of which create my tears
tears are our ” escape valves ” from the past and even now.
tears are like water faucets which can be controlled to release the pressure
built up inside- pressures which we try to hide.
tears that flow which only a woman may know.
we have a release valve unlike a man , and we can create
it at the drop of a hand.
we are women ” unique but not weak ” in many ways.
we can compete against the powers of man ,
something which they don’t understand.
they may see us like a fragile delicate flower as a rose
but we have thorns which can prick you at any time, if you cross the line.
men and nations have been destroyed for the love of a woman
the history books tell many stories of our ” infamous glories ”
so when you think you have the upper hand, it’s because you’ve been scamed. (C) L . RAMS 070615

lost in a dream

what does it mean ? when i find myself” confused and lost” in a dream
is it the way my life is meant to be? i guess it’ll just be a mystery !
all my life i managed the food line, something i thought i left behind.
working there i had a purpose – a goal , never thought about getting old.
each employee had a job to do ,and i’d make sure they followed thru.
life seemed so much simpler then , and the employees were all my friends
we’d go out and share a drink or two and talk about dreams we’d like to do.
yet i still have these dreams of being lost and confused , and of walking
alongside the shores , searching for something i never saw before.
it leaves an emptiness in my heart , not knowing if it’s ending or a new start.
it becomes a question with no answer to be found , yet you search and look around trying to see something out of place, giving you a clue as to what to face.
you always find yourself in the middle of that ” crossroad ”
not knowing which way to go and whichever way you go leads you
to one crossroad after another to a point where there is no beginning
and no end and you scream out to find a friend.
( confused and lost once again )
my sub conscious tells me it’s just a dream, and i will awaken
to find myself in my room – no more confusement and no more gloom
then the recurring dream of me in a supermarket basement
with the conveyor belt full of merchandise and i don’t know
if i should push the button to go ” up or down ” and i look
for help and there’s no one around.
( confused and lost once again )
that’s when i realize there is only one thing that i can do
” give it to my father up above who is always there to show his love.
” dear GOD there is nothing more that i can do ” confused and lost ”
i turn to you to do whatever it is that you must
because in you i put my trust”
no more dreams and i’m on track , because my LORD has my back.
(C) L . RAMS 070515