treasure cove

i was captured in a fishnet way below the waves captured in a fishnet within a deep dark cave fish of every kind was swimming by , and every one of them was giving me the eye. i was an outsider in their dark forbidden world where laid the pirates treasures of gold , silver and pearls. this cave was like a castle with rooms all around , and every type of treasure was there to be found. on top of each chest laid a pirates bones- with the fingers wrapped around it in a sort of strangle hold. i was able to grab a pirates sword and cut my way out as the sharks were eyeing me as they was swimming all about. i was running out of oxygen , but i had to show my find as i reached down and grabbed a necklace which i knew was one of a kind. i pushed the pirates bones off of one of the chests, and opened  it and reached inside-

to grab a handfull of doubloons as they slid from side to side.

but my fingers touched something that felt oval shaped and bumpy to the touch,and as i pulled it out, there to my surprise was a golden tiara with jewels of every kind. my oxygen tank showed i had two minutes of air left and if i did’nt surface fast i’d join the pirates nest. i grabbed the fishnet and gave it a hard pull , as the fisherman thought that their net was full. the generator cranked up and started to pull up the net never realizing the catch, that they would get. amongst all the fish there i laid, thinking that i beat that dark watery grave. with a necklace in one hand and a golden tiara in the other and how close i came to death- i begin to shudder. (C) L .RAMS 070315


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