renewing the love

the relation is starting to go wrong, when you no longer get along
when you start to bicker and fight, and things just don’t seem right
when the ” i love you ” becomes fewer and far apart
and those words don’t come from your heart.
when you both find fault in all that you say and do
and it’s time to find someone new.
you try to salvage all that you had, but the relationship
has just gone bad.
it’s now the time where you must sit and talk , and tell all
your feelings before you walk.
you’re both feeling the pains that this breakup brings
but you feel it’s the best thing.
you don’t want it to get to a point of hate , so you must
break up before it’s too late.
the pain and anguish is seen in your eyes, as you both begin to cry.
it started off as a fairy tale romance and you both felt it had a good chance
you’re both now sitting at the kitchen table wondering if you’re willing and able to give this relation another chance to refind that lost romance.
you find your hands reaching over to meet and your hearts start
to skip that familiar beat. your eyes make contact and your hearts
begin to melt recalling all those feelings that you had felt.
many things are said in anger and stupid pride pulls us apart
but that’s not what we’re feeling in our hearts.
many times a relationship can be repaired and sometimes not
but in this world what else have we got.
you get up from the kitchen table still holding hands
and talking about making new plans,
( you learn to grow strong when you both admit that you are wrong.)
there’s a lot of people you can live with , but only one you can’t live
without .
(C) L . RAMS 070915


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