do you

do you think about me when we’re apart
do you have me in your heart
does the scent of me fill the air , even thou i’m not there
do you miss my arms that hold you tight
do you miss my kisses when i say good night
what do you like most about me i’d like to know
is it my love that does grow , or is it the way
that i hold your hand to let you know i understand
is it the passion that we created , that left our bodies devastated.
or is it the hours that we spend together in sunny skies or stormy weather
do you think that if we’re apart , that you will disappear from my heart
do you know that i live for your love , and that you was sent to me from above.
do you know that our next step is marriage and a family
and i don’t just want two , i want three.
(C) L . RAMS 071915


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