staying alive

working in the sweltering sun, had to stay till the job was done
i started to sing : ” staying alive ” as the sweat poured down my thighs
then i saw her with the convertible top down
her hair was short and mousey brown
her rosy lips complimented her smile, she had grace, she had style
she gave me a bottle of water to cool me down
smiled and said : ” see you around ”
i sipped the water very slow , and her body i wanted to know
i had to finsh this job on time, cause all day long she was on my mind.
quitting time was getting near, and when i turned she was there.
” hey cable guy- i liked what i saw, came back to see some more ”
she parked her car and got out – this is what life s all about.
short shorts, high heels, and she wore a tied up blouse
her long tanned legs complimented the look
i knew right then that i was hooked.
walking over she grabbed my face and planted kisses in every space.
then her lips finally met mine, and took me beyond all time.
she pulled away from me and with that smile asked if i wanted
to go to her house for a while, and make passionate love all night
untill the early morning light.
my hands started to tremble and my voice started to shake
as i rushed to the car before it was too late.
she was true to her word and we made love all night
i’m glad as hell ” that she’s my wife ”
ha -ha hope you enjoyed this tale !
(C) L . RAMS 071815


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