thru my eyes ( food for thought )

every time you look around , GOD S beauties will be found

the sun , the moon , the clouds , the stars above

everything was made with his love.

the trees , grass, plants, and water – all was made in perfect order.

the animals on the ground , even the mammals that swim around.

there are underwater plants, and fish of every kind

that is yet to be seen by the human eye.

the ocean is still a hidden place- yet we send rockets into space,

the ocean is much closer than the infinite sky , and the cures

for most sicknesses may be down below , and if we don’t explore

then how will we know.

there must be a reason GOD made the earth two thirds water !  hmmmmm

if we could farm the oceans the way we farm the lands

there would be enough food to feed every child , woman and man.

the oceans hold vast wealths yet to uncover

imagine with our technology all that we could discover.



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